2023 Prices

You can find here the prices of the Dieter’s Camping and Apartment in 2023.

Prices for camping

Parcel for camper, tent2.000 HUF/night
Adult1.700 HUF/person/night
Pensioner1.600 HUF/person/night
Child (Age 3-17)1.200 HUF/person/night
Communal fee (water, gas, waste disposal)300 HUF/person/night
Power2.850 HUF/night
Pet1.200 HUF/night
Tourist tax over age 18500 HUF/person/night
Car parking1.000 HUF/night
Camping prices 2023

Apartment prices

Apartment for 2 person /without breakfast and tourist tax/22.000 HUF/night
Apartment for 4 person /without breakfast and tourist tax/44.000 HUF/night
Additional person7.000 HUF/person/night
Tourist tax over age 18500 HUF/person/night
One-night additional fee3.000 HUF
Car parking1.000 HUF/night
Apartment prices 2023

Other services

Bicycle rental4.000 Ft/day
Full year parcel rental130.000 Ft/year
Accomodation in fix camper 14.000 Ft/day
Other services prices 2023
Dieter's Camping